Social Networking: is the official website of Suzi Richey and until recently “A Bead Boutique”. The everyday shop was closed and Suzi is still making jewelry for shows and purchase by request.

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The BEADS go ON and On!

Beading… that is what ‘beaders’ do! Pick up one bead, put it on, pick up another, put it on… and on and on! It is a therapeutic activity! Relaxing! A sense of accomplishment! It is how I’ve spent many hours! Owning a bead shop with beautiful beads hanging on the wall made this activity much easier! Since the shop has closed, my beads are in a closet and storage unit. I have to “dig” for beads now! Seems appropriate. It is what I do!

“Digging” for beads takes a little longer than choosing them from a wall. So I will “dig” and “dig”, uncovering beautiful, even forgotten beads. Making jewelryis what I do! Let me know if you want to bead with me sometime! My email is! I would love to hear from you! Come bead with me and let the beads go on and on and on!! 



Debi Dufrene started a facebook group (ALEXANDRIA BEAD COLLECTIVE), and today will be our second meeting at the Westside Library in the Lakes District, 2:30-4:30pm. This is a time for you to meet with other beaders, talk about new and different techniques, and work on your latest projects. I hope you will join us for our monthly meetings! We will be discussing the possibility of adding a weekday meeting time. Come bead with us today!


Trunk Show Today & Wednesday @ Best Western!


TRUNK SHOW Tuesday & Wednesday, March 3-4

Marge will be unloading her full inventory of beads this afternoon at the BEST WESTERN, Alexandria! She promises lots of great items! Remember that she comes to Alexandria because of YOUR support. Tell a friend, and join us! We will open both days at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday evening we will stay until the last person leaves. Wednesday will be determined by the attendance. Marge is always happy to stay as long as necessary when you come! I look forward to seeing you! I will post photos as soon as possible!!





2015 Is Happening!

I cannot believe that January (which seemed like the longest month of my life) has ended and February is half over! This has been a wild year! I know that I needed some time “unemployed” for other things in my life! I have beaded some, but I have much to do! I am excited to announce a TRUNK SHOW, March 3-4 at the Best Western, Alexandria. I will post room and times soon.

Marge is coming with her full inventory. There will be a table there for you to join us “beading together”. Of course I will be there to help if you need some assistance with your latest projects. 

Debi Dufrene has started a Facebook page and group,  ALEXANDRIA BEAD COLLECTIVE. There will be monthly meetings at the Westside Library. The first meeting is this next Saturday, 2/21, 1 - 3 pm. She says bring your shiny little baubles and our creativity. You can contact her if you have questions.

Email me ( if you have questions or need beading supplies. My dining room table is often covered with beads. I would love for you to join me! 



It is hard to believe it has been so long since I posted on this blog… FACEBOOK has ruined me. It is so easy to do updates there. I will try to do better in the coming days! 

Update on us… Ted and I are still living here in Alexandria. Things changed… the house did not sell… and here we remain! I have been unemployed for seven months. In November I looked for new space to rent and re-open A BEAD BOUTIQUE. The right spot wasn’t available. We will continue to investigate in the new year! I’ll keep you posted.

I am still making jewelry and having “beadovers” at my house. Let me know if you are interested. It isn’t uncomon to find my twelve foot long dining room table covered in beads! Poor Ted! I do miss the shop, every single day. Of course I miss you, my customers, who kept me going! This was a very rough summer and fall for me. I am doing better now. I still miss the daily routine of working, though. (My working friends don’t understand me! Even Ted has come to see that I need something to do!)

Perhaps the greatest thing I did for “me” was joining The Genesis Experience in September. Ginnie’s doctor recommended that she begin the program, and she asked me. I was ready,  jumped in 100%. There are nutrition classes, exercise claslses, and the best support anywhere! I go four days a week, at 5:30 a.m. to exercise. In only twelve weeks I’ve lost 24 pounds and 11.25 inches. Three and a half inches from my waist and three from my hips. I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m stronger physically, less clumsy, and my balance has improved. Let me know if you are interested in their program. There are lots of classes (free!) and you can exercise for a week free (to see if you like it!) There are classes at other times during the day (Ginnie would never survive a 5:30a.m. class!)

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I wish you a blessed holiday season and celebration with family and friends. I believe that the best is yet to come in 2015!



LAST DAY for TRUNK SHOW (Friday 10/24)


TRUNK SHOW Oct. 23 & 24

Marge will be back at the Best Western. She is bringing another vendor. I will have more information later. Mark your calendars! Basic classes available. See you soon.


Sofa... $125 or best offer!




My new grand, Lydia!


Garage sale... Final hours!

The rain has not deterred shoppers! Been amazed at the number of people out on this rainy day. At least today is much cooler than yesterday.

I am still selling stuff. Making good deals!!! We still have furniture. Come on buy... 4714 Waverly Blvd. Charles Park until 2pm.



We are still pulling out items… finding lots of great items in the closets, cabinets, etc. The problem: I have a hard time “letting go!” No surprise there! I have two kitchens, filled with great dishes, glasses, etc. I really do need to carry a few more items out to the GARAGE!

The DOOR BELL rang and people stopped by… sold a few items… all the Tom’s and Lance jars are gone! This motivates me to carry out a few more items! Stop by today! I think tomorrow will be wet! The GARAGE IS DRY, though.





Antique Dining Room Furniture

We are selling this Belgium Oak Dining Room Set… draw leaf table with two extenders, six chairs, and china cabinet. Note the inlaid parkay wood on the table top. The melon ball design is really pretty. The table, not extended, is 3 feet by 5 feet. The extenders are 18 inches each. We are asking $1,500. for this set.